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Picture and ten years ago...

Two things that are different with me now than ten years ago? Let's see-- I've got a son! That's the biggest difference- Vibius is the light of my life, he's a great kid. Also,ten years ago I had just graduated high school and started college, and now I've got a steady job (thank goodness) and I'm working on my art sculptures.

Two things that haven't changed - Quincy is still my best friend, and I'm still painfully single.

Not the end of the world...

Another breakup.

It's not the end of the world- but Ambria'd thought things were going well. They laughed together, danced together--- the sex was great.

But that didn't change the fact that Harry loved another woman. She thought in time maybe he'd lose that unrequited love, and turn his feelings toward her instead. She couldn't say he didn't warn her, from the beginning and often after. Still... it was such a disappointment when he said he couldn't do this any more.

It's not the end of the world, but she really loved him.

It feels like the world is ending.

(dated from back when Ambria and Harry broke up)


Morning Routine

1. Wake up and wonder what that annoying sound is.
2. Smack the alarm clock until it stops.
3. Stumble out of bed.
4. Use the bathroom.
5. Wake up my son.
6. Feed us both breakfast.
7. Make sure he has all his homework and books in his backpack.
8. Put our lunches in our lunch boxes.
9. Get dressed and make sure Vibius is dressed in something appropriate for school.
10. Get our coats, hats, and shoes on.
11. Make sure he has his backpack, and I have my gear.
12. Drop Vibius at school. Hugs, kisses, I love you and be good.
13. Take the subway to work.
14. Have cup of coffee in the breakroom before getting into my gear.
15. Work.

Happy easter!

We had some family egg coloring going on last night. Vibius is so excited about easter (he loves any holiday that involves candy), and Val and Theo came over to dye eggs with us. So it was a good time - and everyone and most of the kitchen got covered in a bit of dye, but hey that's part of easter too. We're going over to my mom and dad's house for easter dinner on Sunday - the whole family's going to be there, so there should be a bunch of kids for the little guy to run around with. They're going to have an easter egg hunt and everything. Good times.

Here's one of the eggs I made:


Being a parent is something she never thought to experience. An unplanned pregnancy didn't fit in with her college educational plans and her career. Along with the baby, Ambria thought she'd aborted any chance at parenthood. A string of bad relationships just drove the point home.

Until she found a djinn in need of a family

She's mama now. Wouldn't give her boy up for anything.

Sometimes she wonders if her other child would've been a boy or girl.

Thinking on that brings nothing but sorrow - she doesn't dwell.

She's just glad the universe blessed her with a second chance.

World Cup

Their first sports party since Super Bowl. Ambria's excited.

USA vs England in the World Cup - perfect occasion, with Harry being British and herself cheering for the home team. They've a bet- whomever loses cleans up after.

All the relatives come over, sans Val who is in New Orleans. Tula and Quincy side with Harry - Quincy because he thinks England's the better team, and Tula because 'England's players are hotter.'

Cheering and shouting, spilled beer and tv-thrown snacks. In the end, tied score. Both doomed to cleaning.

"Next time, a private party..."

On this, they both agree.

Super Bowl Sunday

Val wore his number 9 Drew Brees jersey, oversize though it was, to Ambria's super bowl party. He hadn't taken it off other than to shower since she'd bought it for him two days prior. "Come early," she told him, "and I'll give you the best seat in the house." The best seat in the house turned out to be in Quincy's comfortable armchair, set to one side of all the action. She'd rearranged the living room since the last time he'd been over, likely a temporary arrangement for the game. The sectional sofa and some chairs were arranged in a semi-circle around the television, with Val's seat being the last chair on the right-hand side, set somewhat back and distant from the other chairs. It was close to the hallway that lead to the bathroom. He knew this was not a coincidental arrangement. The way she told him to come before the other guests, and the way she'd provided both a lap blanket and a pillow on his chair while all the others were devoid of such comforts told him that

He was torn between being pleased at his cousin's thoughtfulness, and annoyed that she thought he'd needed all this special treatment. More annoyed at himself than Ambria really, because he couldn't deny entirely that he did. When guests started arriving, he'd be grateful for the bit of space, for the pillow and blanket to hold onto or hide under if the presence of so many people got cloying. He also had an easy escape route, should he feel the need to leave the room and head down the hall.

"I'm really glad you came early," Ambria said, as she brought him over a plate of mild wings and mini quesadillas to sample. "You can help me taste-test the food. Our usual place was closed due to the snow, and we had to go with this place called Moony's instead. Quince's beside himself because one of the chefs there is on the Food Network."

Val dutifully sampled, taking a bite of wing and chewing it contemplatively. "Mmm-- good sauce. Nice and mild. Spicy wings you're on your own for testing, though."

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Last year...

Six things you learned last year.
The American economy sucks ass and can bite me.
Quincy has amazing psychic powers of betting pool prediction.
Having a kid is an awesome responsibility - but also an amazing privledge.
There are still decent guys out there and Harry is one of them.
I can do work that doesn't involve rods and torches.
I have a cousin who I didn't know before and he rocks.

Five things you want to do this year.
Spend more time with Harry.
Get a job in my chosen field.
Sell some of my sculptures.
Get Vibs into a school that better fits his needs.
Be happier and calmer and more centered.

Four people who mattered.

Three good moments.
finding Vibus
finding Val
Val's Christmas party

Two bad moments.
losing my job
Tula setting my hair on fire

One dream that came true.
I'm a lot less lonely.


Toys, Thanksgiving, New Job

I should buy Vibus some of these Zhu Zhu hamsters for Christmas.

Getting ready for the holidays! We're having a mini Thanksgiving at home on Thursday with me, Vibs, and Quince. Quincy is making his famous multi-cultural mashed potatoes this year (they're rainbow colored- I bet Vibs will love them). Then on Saturday is the big family shindig. It's at mom and dad's this year, which is good because that means less travel time. Val's going to be there too (possibly with his dad and sibs and maybe his uncles- they're all invited anyhow). Grandma and Grandpa flew in with uncle Charlie from Kansas, so there's going to be a whole mess of people there.

In other news, my new job is going well, if strangely. I suppose I should have wrote that I got a new job - been busy though. Just started a few weeks ago. It's not my usual line of work at all, but times are tough so what can you do? I'm working as a receptionist for Robbie Fellowes at Serptichore Records. Val's friend Harry got me the job. It pays well and every workday is more or less an adventure. What more can you ask for?